Mi amparo y mi refugio.

Pero yo cantaré de tu poder, Y alabaré de mañana tu misericordia; Porque has sido mi amparo Y refugio en el día de mi angustia. Salmos 59:16 RVR1960 https://bible.com/bible/149/psa.59.16.RVR1960

I thank you Lord for all your love and help in this day it was truly difficult but now I’m going to rest in your peace. Good night to all and many blessings.

Gracias, Señor por todo tu amor y tu ayuda en este día, fue realmente difícil pero ahora voy a descansar en tu paz. Buenas noches para todos y bendiciones.

Photo by err.


Tomorrow will be a new day filled with love, peace and the blessing of God from above.

Tomorrow by err.

I come from an island.

Coconut palm

I come from an island a beautiful island, I come from an island with blue sky and sea. I come from an island a beautiful island, I come from an island with beautiful trees.

Flamboyan tree

Jehovah is my shepherd

Hi Friends and blessings for all today, tomorrow and forever. For me it was a blessed day, a beautiful Sunday, I went to church and really enjoyed the service but when it came to the rest of the day it was not easy at all. Things came to make you feel sad in live BUT I believe there is always a better tomorrow and I trust in my God, my Pastor from heaven he always is going to help us in live no matter what.

Psalms 23, The holy Bible.


I have joined God’s Army, and what a blessing it is, for I have fought myself the majority of my existence. Night after night, no rest in-between, my daily battles, my self-inflicted wounds. God’s Army saved me from myself, I held myself spiritually captive, a prisoner of my own war. On my knees in my […]


Thank you God bless you all!

I will like to celebrate this since it’s a big step for me and I am starting and learning how to do a blog, thank you friends.